Artificial Intelligence for Educational purposes in School Settings and Workplaces

? Adaptive Learning Systems: Tailoring Instructional Methods with AI ? Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Enhancing Educational Support through AI ? Workplace Automation: Streamlining Operations for Increased Efficiency ? AI-driven Assessment Tools: Revolutionizing Evaluation in Learning Environments ? Human-AI Collaboration: Fostering Synergy in Educational and Work Settings ? Virtual Learning Environments: Transforming Education with AI Technologies ? Smart Workspaces: Integrating AI for Enhanced Productivity in the Workplace ? Gamification and AI: Enhancing Engagement in Educational and Professional Settings ? AI-Enhanced Career Development: Guiding Paths for Professional Growth ? Cybersecurity in AI Education: Safeguarding Data, Privacy and Internet Fraud ? Inclusive Design and AI: Ensuring Accessibility in Learning and Work Environments ? Emotional Intelligence and AI: Nurturing Soft Skills in Educational Practices ? AI for Specialized Training: Tailoring Solutions for Industry-Specific Skill Development ? AI-driven Intelligent Surveillance and Threat Detection ? AI-driven Access Control and Biometric Solutions ? AI-driven Security Training and Simulation


Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria.



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